Sweet Stitches | A Valentines inspired pillow project | Part II

Welcome back to my Valentines crochet panel series. This graph is quick, easy and can be paired with another panel for love-filled pillow project!

XOXO Valentines Crochet Graph

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Welcome to part II of my Valentines Crochet panel series!  If you are new to the series, you can find my first-panel design hereI designed this graph to be paired with a back panel as a pillow project.  I will be using the same design shown here but plan to switch out the colors to match the color scheme of this panel.  The graph itself works up very quickly and features a hugs and kisses design in the middle.  

XOXO Valentines Crochet Graph XOXO Valentines Crochet Graph XOXO Valentines Crochet GraphXOXO Valentines Crochet GraphXOXO Valentines Crochet Graph

NOTE: This graph and pattern are designed for use with the corner to corner (C2C) stitch, you can find my C2C Tutorial here if needed.

XOXO Valentines Crochet Graph


1.  Size I (5.5 MM) Crochet Hook

2. Worsted Weight Yarn in Pink, Teal, Dark Teal and White.

3. Yarn Needles

4. Scissors

You can download a larger, printable version of the graph HERE.


P: Pink

T: Teal

DT: Dark Teal

W: White


Row 1: 1W
Row 2: 2W
Row 3: 3W
Row 4: 4W
Row 5: 5W
Row 6: 6W
Row 7: 7W
Row 8: 8W
Row 9: 9W
Row 10: 10W
Row 11: 11W
Row 12: 11DT, 1W
Row 13: 1W, 1DT, 11T
Row 14: 11T, 1DT, 2W
Row 15: 2W, 1DT, 8T, 1R, 3T
Row 16: 3T, 2R, 7T, 1DT, 3W
Row 17: 3W, 1DT, 7T, 1R, 1T, 1R, 3T
Row 18: 3T, 1R, 1T, 1R, 7T, 1DT, 4W
Row 19: 4W, 1DT, 6T, 1R, 1T, 1R, 1T, 1R, 2T, 1W
Row 20: 1W, 3T, 2R, 1T, 1R, 6T, 1DT, 5W
Row 21: 5W, 1DT, 5T, 1R, 3T, 1R, 3T, 2W
Row 22: 2W, 5T, 3R, 5T, 1DT, 6W

Row 23: 5W, 1DT, 4T, 1R, 3T, 1R, 4T, 2W
Row 24: 1W, 6T, 1R, 1T, 2R, 3T, 1DT, 5W
Row 25: 4W, 1DT, 3T, 1R, 1T, 1R, 1T, 1R, 5T, 1W
Row 26: 1W, 6T, 1R, 1T, 1R, 3T, 1DT, 4W
Row 27: 3W, 1DT, 2T, 1R, 1T, 1R, 1T, 1R, 5T, 1W
Row 28: 1W, 5T, 2R, 1T, 1R, 2T, 1DT, 3W
Row 29: 2W, 1DT, 1T, 1R, 3T, 1R, 2T, 4W
Row 30: 3W, 4T, 3R, 1T, 1DT, 2W
Row 31: 1W, 1DT, 4T, 1R, 3T, 3W
Row 32: 2W, 5T, 1R, 2T, 1DT, 1W
Row 33: 2DT, 2T, 1R, 4T, 2W
Row 34: 1W, 7T, 2DT
Row 35: 2DT, 6T, 1W
Row 36: 1W, 5T, 2DT
Row 37: 2DT, 4T, 1W
Row 38: 1W, 5DT
Row 39: 4DT, 1W
Row 40: 4W
Row 41: 3W
Row 42: 2W
Row 43: 1W, SC all the way around and tie off.

I adore the colors in this panel and the hugs and kisses design requires fewer color changes than my first graph.  For this panel, I opted to use Red Heart with Love yarn, and its extra soft texture makes the completed panel very snuggly! I plan to pair this panel with the same stripes back as my first design but will alter the colors to match. Still, have questions or feedback about this design?  Feel free to leave your comments below, and don’t forget to subscribe or follow me on Pinterest or Facebook for my latest graphs and projects. Happy Hooking!

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XOXO Valentines Crochet Graph

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