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Check out this pretty purple crochet stripes panel in sweet shades of purple and white. This panel works up quickly and pairs perfectly with my Sweet Stitches Valentine crochet graph for the perfect pillow project!

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January is flying by and Valentines Day will soon be here! My Sweet Stitches Pillow project is quick, easy and sure to bring some extra crochet sweetness to your Valentines holiday.  This graph is a beginner friendly, a striped design intended as a complementary back panel for my first Heart Graph found here and here.

Purple Crochet StripesPurple Crochet Stripes
Purple Crochet Stripespurple crochet stripesblue crochet stripes

NOTE: This graph and pattern are designed for use with the corner to corner (C2C) stitch, you can find my C2C Tutorial here if needed.

Pretty Purple Crochet Stripes


1.  Size I (5.5 MM) Crochet Hook

2. Worsted Weight Yarn in Light Purple, Dark Purple, and White.

3. Yarn Needles

4. Scissors

5. Pillow Form (if making a pillow project).

You can download a larger, printable version of the graph  HERE.


LP: Light Purple

DP: Dark Purple

W: White


Row 1: 1DP
Row 2: 2DP
Row 3: 3DP
Row 4: 4W
Row 5: 5LP
Row 6: 6LP
Row 7: 7LP
Row 8: 8W
Row 9: 9DP
Row 10: 10DP
Row 11: 11DP
Row 12: 12W
Row 13: 13LP
Row 14: 14LP
Row 15: 15LP
Row 16: 16W
Row 17: 17DP
Row 18: 18DP
Row 19: 19DP
Row 20: 20W
Row 21: 21LP
Row 22: 22LP


Row 23: 21LP
Row 24: 20W
Row 25: 19DP
Row 26: 18DP
Row 27: 17DP
Row 28: 16W
Row 29: 15LP
Row 30: 14LP
Row 31: 13LP
Row 32: 12W
Row 33: 11DP
Row 34: 10DP
Row 35: 9DP
Row 36: 8W
Row 37: 7LP
Row 38: 6LP
Row 39: 5LP
Row 40: 4W
Row 41: 3DP
Row 42: 2DP
Row 43: 1DP, SC all the way around and tie off.

This striped panel is super easy, and pretty on its own. This design is beginner friendly and can be easily completed without a graph or written instructions but have included them above just in case preferred.  The next Valentines heart graph will be released on Saturday, so don’t forget to check back! Still, have questions or comments? Feel free to leave me a comment below or find me on Facebook or Pinterest. Happy Hooking!

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