Sweet Stitches | Pom-Pom Edging and Finishes!

Valentine’s day is less than two weeks away; so it’s time to finish up our beautiful Valentines inspired pillow project.  This post will help you add the perfect pom-pom edging to your pillow.

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Valentine’s day is less than two weeks away; so it’s time to finish up our beautiful Valentines inspired pillow project!  This post will help you add the perfect pom-pom edging to your pillow project!Pom Pom Supplies


1.  A complete front panel, you can find my completed Valentines graphs here and here!

2. A complete back panel, you can find my back panel here!

3. Worsted Weight Yarn in the color of your choice for the Pom-Pom edging.

4. Pillow Form; match to completed panel size.

5. Yarn Needle

6. Scissors

7. (Optional) Pom-Pom Maker; you can find the Pom-Pom maker I used here.

I’ve been looking for the perfect opportunity to pull out my newest Pom-Pom maker and loved the idea of a soft and sweet Pom-Pom pillow edging.  While a Pom-Pom maker is not required for this project; I do feel it helps speed the process. The first part of this post, show how I created creat my Pom-Poms followed by instructions on for attaching them.

Tiny Pom-Pom Tutorial:

This project would look beautiful in a varied of pom-pom sizes, but I opted to use a maker that creates 1-inch pom-poms. Pom Pom To start your pom-pom, you will need to open the pom-pom maker (pic 1), wrap the first half-circle (pic 2), and fold the first side closed.Pom Pom In one continuous string, you will turn the pom-pom maker and wrap the other half-circle (pic 1), and fold closed.  Once closed, you will cut your yarn and rotate the pom-pom maker to insert your scissor tip into the cutting guide (pic 3).  Carefully cut all the way around the middle of the pom-pom maker.Pom Pom Cut a long strand of yarn from your skein and thread it through the middle of your pom-pom maker (pic 2). Once threaded, you will tie the tails together in a knot to secure the pom-pom.Pom Pom After tying off your pom-pom, you will carefully open the half-circles of the pom-pom maker (pic 1); and then separate the middle to release the pom-pom (Pic 2).  Once complete, you will want to fluff and trim your pom-pom into a rounded shape.

Pom-Pom Edging Tutorial:

Once you have completed a batch of pom-poms you are ready to begin attaching them to one of your pillow panels.  For this project, I opted to attach my pom-poms to the back panel of my pillow. Pom Pom Edging To attach my pom-poms, I used a crochet hook to pull through one tail of each pom-pom and knotted it securely to the panel. Pom Pom EdgingFor my edging, I started with a white pom-pom in each corner and roughly estimated how far apart I wanted them to be. I opted to alternate the colors of my pom-pom edging; which meant I had to pay attention to the repeating pattern and distance to make sure the colors matched up correctly. For ease, you could opt to do a single color pom-pom edging.  Continue to attach to your pom-poms along all four edges of your back panel.Pom Pom EdgingOnce you finish attaching all of your pom-poms you will sew your pillow together.  For this step, you will line up your two panels and tuck your pom-pom tails in between.  TIP: For more security,  you may weave in your pom-pom tails.

To close my pillow, I sewed three sides together before stuffing and sewing it shut. For more information on how I do this; check out my finishing touches tutorial from October.

Thank you all for dropping in and I hope you will adore the extra fluffy finish as much as I do! Still, have questions or need help? Feel free to leave me a comment below, or leave me a comment on my Facebook page.  Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my email list, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest page and stay up to date on my latest Pixel Perfect projects! Happy Hooking.

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