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Crochet for a Cause | Give Thanks and Give Back!

Inspiration…… November is a month when many are called to reflect on the blessings in their life; it’s also a kick off to the season of giving.  I have been blessed with many things, including my amazing husband, two crazy boys and many wonderful friends and family.  I also incredibly thankful for the blessing crochet …

Crochet for a Cause | Blessing Babies in Need

Crochet for a Cause | Blessing Babies in Need

  Who says Crochet can’t change the world!? Crocheters of all levels have the power to help promote happiness and healing by donating their time and talents to crochet for a cause. Please follow and like us:

Hooked | Confessions of a Crochet Lover!

  Beginnings of a crochet lover… Born the oldest of 6 children, I truly fit the stereotype of ‘oldest child’. Predisposed to be serious, I am rule oriented and a worrier by nature. Thankfully, I was also born with a healthy dose of imagination and creativity; and have always loved all mediums of creativity including music, dance, …