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Confessions of a Crochet Lover
Crochet Lover Confessions | Hooked on Crochet
Beginnings of a crochet lover…

Born the oldest of 6 children, I truly fit the stereotype of ‘oldest child’. Predisposed to be serious, I am rule oriented and a worrier by nature. Thankfully, I was also born with a healthy dose of imagination and creativity; and have always loved all mediums of creativity including music, dance, theater, writing, art, and crafting.  This creative streak fed a lifelong desire to be ‘crafty’.  Unfortunately, desire does not always equal skill; and I’m not particularly talented in dance, writing, sewing, painting or many other ‘crafting’ skills. Thankfully, I’m persistent, and for me, Crochet has been a natural marriage of creativity and ability.

“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination”

Albert Einstein

I truly love the process of learning to crochet; trying new stitches, new techniques, finding new patterns and the actual process of creation. Interestingly, I have also found Crochet to be the perfect ‘coping tool’ or balance my worry or times of high stress.  There is no better therapy than Crochet after a long and stressful day!


Honestly, I think the only real downside has been an ever-growing addiction to yarn, pattern hoarding and wanting to make ‘all the things’. I’ve had to work on my focus, organization and channeling my inspiration into one projects at a time. My efforts to do so led me to seek out others in the Crochet community for inspiration, learning, tips, and ideas.

Crochet Addiction

(Photo via Hilaria Fina)


I have found the crochet community to be as wonderful as crochet itself. It is truly a unique artform with a community and culture all it’s own.  My ties to this amazing group of people and our shared love of the craft has resulted in some amazing friendships. This desire to connect for both shared learning, and inspiration is what fueled the creation of this blog which I hope will help me continue to share a hobby which has become a life passion. So, I hope you will sign up, connect, follow along, and join me in my future crochet adventures!

Live * Love * Crochet


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