Thanksgiving CAL | Part 1 | Turkey Crochet Graph

Getting excited for ‘Turkey Day’? Need a quick and easy Thanksgiving decor crochet project? Check out this free Turkey graph with instructions, to help you craft the perfect holiday-inspired pillow project.

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Where has the year gone? It’s so hard to believe Thanksgiving is only a month away, so I couldn’t resist doing another holiday-inspired pillow project crochet-a-long.  To kick off our ‘Turkey Day’ project party, we will be making a vibrant fall inspired Turkey crochet panel!

Turkey Crochet Graph

Turkey Crochet GraphNOTE: This graph and pattern are designed for use with the corner to corner (C2C) stitch, you can find my C2C Tutorial here if needed.


1.  Size I (5.5 MM) Crochet Hook

2. Worsted Weight Yarn in Brown, Green, Red, OrangeYellow, Black and White.

3. Yarn Needle

4. Scissors

5. 16 in. x 16 in. Pillow Form (TIP: My stitches tend to run tight, so you may want to make your panel and measure before purchasing your pillow form)


W: White
B: Brown
G: Green
O: Orange
R: Red
BL: Black
Y: Yellow


Row 1: 1W

Row 2: 2W

Row 3: 3W

Row 4: 4W

Row 5: 3W, 2G

Row 6: 3W, 3G

Row 7: 3W, 3G, 1W

Row 8: 1W, 2R, 1W, 3G, 1W

Row 9: 1W, 3R, 3G, 2W

Row 10: 1W, 4R, 2G, 3B

Row 11: 2W, 3R, 2G, 4B

Row 12: 2O, 4R, 1G, 5B

Row 13: 3O, 3R, 1G, 6B

Row 14: 4O, 3R, 7B

Row 15: 1W, 4O, 2R, 7B, 1W

Row 16: 1W, 5O, 1R, 8B, 1W

Row 17: 2W, 5O, 1R, 7B, 2W

Row 18: 3W, 5O, 8B, 2G

Row 19: 4W, 5O, 7B, 3G

Row 20: 4W, 5Y, 7B, 3G, 1W

Row 21: 4W, 6Y, 6B, 4G, 1W


Row 22: 3W, 6Y, 6B, 4G, 2W

Row 23: 2W, 7Y, 5B, 4G, 3W


Row 24: 2W, 6Y, 5B, 3R, 4W

Row 25: 1W, 4Y, 3B, 1R, 1Y, 1O, 5R, 3W

Row 26: 1W, 3Y, 3B, 1R, 2Y, 1O, 5R, 2W

Row 27: 1W, 2Y, 1B, 2O, 2R, 1Y, 2O, 4R, 2W

Row 28: 2W, 2B, 1O, 2R, 2Y, 2O, 4R, 1W

Row 29: 2W, 1BL, 2R, 1B, 2Y, 3O, 3R, 1W

Row 30: 1W, 4B, 3Y, 3O, 2R, 1W

Row 31: 1W, 1B, 1BL, 1B, 3Y, 4O, 2W

Row 32: 1W, 2B, 4Y, 4O, 1W

Row 33: 2W, 4Y, 4O, 1W

Row 34: 2W, 4Y, 4O

Row 35: 1W, 4Y, 1W, 3O

Row 36: 1W, 3Y, 2W, 2O

Row 37: 1W, 2Y, 4W

Row 38: 6W

Row 39: 5W

Row 40: 4W

Row 41: 3W

Row 42: 2W

Row 43: 1W

Row 44: Continue to SC all the way around the edge and tie off. The completed panel is reversible depending on which side you prefer to use for the front of your pillow.

Turkey Crochet Graph

Turkey Crochet Pillow

Thanksgiving is consistently ranked as America’s second most favorite Holiday, so I couldn’t be more excited to kick off the celebration with this holiday-inspired pillow project! I love how this vibrate and festive pillow panel turned out and can’t wait to share the next panel in the series next week. Happy Hooking!

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Turkey Crochet Graph

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This is adorable! Thanks so much!


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